čtvrtek 26. prosince 2013

Duino and stuff

Hello my dear friends!
Sorry for not posting for a while. I hope you had nice Christmas or whatever. I certainly did!
I got a Dremel 3000, an Arduino UNO clone, 2.4 GHz transciever pair and a peltier element!
These are just steps forward my tea-machine and a remote-controlled robot!
Also I got a PC from a friend for an equivalent of 10$. 512MB GPU, 2GB RAM. For. ten. Fuckin. Bucks. WHADDUUUP
Anyways, my plans for summer and spring are:
  1. Build dat aluminium furnace
  2. Make an Earl Grey with honey from balsa and with an AVR
  3. Make a beautiful wooden PC case because now it's missing a few walls (heh)
  4. Remote controlled robooot!
But now I gotta things to do and Londons to visit soooo
Happy New year, guys!

sobota 30. listopadu 2013

CNC? Steppers? Is even enyone here? Hello?

Hey readers, you who aren't many and give zero Fs about the comment section! Sorry for not updating, but my high school is some serious stuff, yo. Anyway, my man got me some steppers, but I don't have them yet. First thing I'm gonna do is to connect them to an Etch-A-Sketch for some vector graphics fun. Building a CNC mill is a great challenge and I would love to accept it but first I need to get some mad skillz like how to drive them without them driving you mad.
An idea for a project: Etch-A-Sketch vector animation rig? Step 1: draw stuff. Step 2: take picture. Step 3: put the needle to the correct position for the next frame. Step 4: turn upside down, shake, shake, shake, turn back. Repeat until done. With christmas coming soon, I'll make maybe some festive things, but most of them shall be eaten. I like baking, baking is sweet. Literally.
Here is a joke I made up:

A: "How do you call an I2C connected camera?"
B: "I don't know."
A: "An Eye To See!"

Heh. Heheheh. Muahah MUAHAHAHAHAAH just kidding, it's not quite genius, but it isn't that bad.

See you guys around (or not :( ) and PLEASE use the comments if you even care.

úterý 5. listopadu 2013

Oh man... yay for scrap aluminium!

So the guys who have offered their scooters online don't respond at all... I got pretty pissed off, actually. I mean, they want to sell stuff. I want to buy their stuff. They don't do anything for their stuff to get sold. What the hell?
Anyways, I was just browsing the internet (like I always do) and I found very cool instructable for electroplating copper. "What shall I plate if it's so easy?" I thought. The next day a new video has appeared in my YouTube subscription box. This video shows how to build and use an easy aluminium furnace using a charcoal chimney, PVC pipe, a blowdryer and a simple crucible. I made some research and found out that aluminium melts at 660°C (you not knowing celsius is not my problem :P) which is achievable by burning charcoal and distributing air in the foundry with something (not your own breath). I really want to try melting some cans and other stuff and pouring it into a plaster mold afterwards. Metal casting at home? Why the hell not. My setup is probably going to be a burning chamber built from bricks with a hole for a (steel? iron? banana? pvc?) pipe and buying the cheapest not-so-small hairdryer available online or just building one from scratch. For the crucible I'm probably going to use a stainless steel kitchenware container from a bazar - I heard if you fire it up without aluminium and let it cool down before first use should stop the molten metal from leaking through. Wish me luck and use your opinions in the comments! Please, gimme feedback or the almighty C'Thulhu will eat your mother! Peace off.

úterý 29. října 2013

Scoot scoot

Sooo... I found out that the robot I wrote about would be too expensive to print and it would take too long to print it. Since I live about 40 kilometers from Prague and I have to take the train, it just won't do. But on a czech online bazaar (at least I hope that's how you call it - at least Google does, something like craigslist) I found a E-Scooter for 700,- Kč (37,5$). It is a battery-powered scooter so weak even I can drive it (well, in about one month, the law says it's a 15+ thing). You don't need a licence, you don't need an identification plate. Slow but sweet stuff. The thing is I want to transform it into some kind of an electronic two-wheeled skateboard/longboard. I didn't find anything about this product, just pictures. Weird. The charger is missing, but I don't care. Either I can use a car battery one or I'll build one myself - I don't even know the type of batteries. I really hope the seller will answer me. The power of the motor is probably 250W, which is not that much (if I got it right it won't go over 25km/h=15,5mph), but that's okay, I don't want to fall off at high speeds. So, looking forward to more hax! Seeya.

čtvrtek 24. října 2013


While browsing thingiverse I stumbled upon a really cool thing - a quadruped 3D-printable robot frame powered by 8 miniservos. I would love to have such a cute little bot crawling on my floor and taking over my freedom. I decided to get these SG90 miniservos from dx.com and maybe add even this awesome servo claw. Halloween all the way, I won't probably get it finished by the 31st. I would like to use a small breadboard and a 433MHz transmitter receiver kit. On the breadboard I shall situate an ATTiny microcontroller chip.

sudo mkdir /home/hackliptik/blag

print "Hello World!"
First post and already I have no idea what to write. I have created this son of a blog to keep my h4X all in one place accessible to the world. Let me introduce myself a bit: My full name is 1337 ekliptik (like, for real) and the day I was born (the ninth of december, 1998) I had no idea how to use a screwdriver (what a surprise). Now I'm getting myself together and learning as much stuff possible about basic robotics, coding in Python and Java, Linuxish stuff (yesterday I have said my farewell to WinXP and replaced it with Linux Lite - after a few months of ubuntu dualboot), making things, hacking things and starting to dedicate my career to electrotechnic stuff. I have a RPi work-in-progress robot waiting to be finished and a brain waiting to be fully used. It already gave me lots of genuine ideas I have forgot. Buuuut more about those later!
I would love to see feedback from whoever is reading this about my soon-to-come posts! My dreams are to build a 3d printer/cnc/scanner and to be featured on hackaday.com. May the Force be with you, live long and prosper, may your swords be always sharp and sayonara.