sobota 30. listopadu 2013

CNC? Steppers? Is even enyone here? Hello?

Hey readers, you who aren't many and give zero Fs about the comment section! Sorry for not updating, but my high school is some serious stuff, yo. Anyway, my man got me some steppers, but I don't have them yet. First thing I'm gonna do is to connect them to an Etch-A-Sketch for some vector graphics fun. Building a CNC mill is a great challenge and I would love to accept it but first I need to get some mad skillz like how to drive them without them driving you mad.
An idea for a project: Etch-A-Sketch vector animation rig? Step 1: draw stuff. Step 2: take picture. Step 3: put the needle to the correct position for the next frame. Step 4: turn upside down, shake, shake, shake, turn back. Repeat until done. With christmas coming soon, I'll make maybe some festive things, but most of them shall be eaten. I like baking, baking is sweet. Literally.
Here is a joke I made up:

A: "How do you call an I2C connected camera?"
B: "I don't know."
A: "An Eye To See!"

Heh. Heheheh. Muahah MUAHAHAHAHAAH just kidding, it's not quite genius, but it isn't that bad.

See you guys around (or not :( ) and PLEASE use the comments if you even care.

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