úterý 5. listopadu 2013

Oh man... yay for scrap aluminium!

So the guys who have offered their scooters online don't respond at all... I got pretty pissed off, actually. I mean, they want to sell stuff. I want to buy their stuff. They don't do anything for their stuff to get sold. What the hell?
Anyways, I was just browsing the internet (like I always do) and I found very cool instructable for electroplating copper. "What shall I plate if it's so easy?" I thought. The next day a new video has appeared in my YouTube subscription box. This video shows how to build and use an easy aluminium furnace using a charcoal chimney, PVC pipe, a blowdryer and a simple crucible. I made some research and found out that aluminium melts at 660°C (you not knowing celsius is not my problem :P) which is achievable by burning charcoal and distributing air in the foundry with something (not your own breath). I really want to try melting some cans and other stuff and pouring it into a plaster mold afterwards. Metal casting at home? Why the hell not. My setup is probably going to be a burning chamber built from bricks with a hole for a (steel? iron? banana? pvc?) pipe and buying the cheapest not-so-small hairdryer available online or just building one from scratch. For the crucible I'm probably going to use a stainless steel kitchenware container from a bazar - I heard if you fire it up without aluminium and let it cool down before first use should stop the molten metal from leaking through. Wish me luck and use your opinions in the comments! Please, gimme feedback or the almighty C'Thulhu will eat your mother! Peace off.

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