čtvrtek 24. října 2013

sudo mkdir /home/hackliptik/blag

print "Hello World!"
First post and already I have no idea what to write. I have created this son of a blog to keep my h4X all in one place accessible to the world. Let me introduce myself a bit: My full name is 1337 ekliptik (like, for real) and the day I was born (the ninth of december, 1998) I had no idea how to use a screwdriver (what a surprise). Now I'm getting myself together and learning as much stuff possible about basic robotics, coding in Python and Java, Linuxish stuff (yesterday I have said my farewell to WinXP and replaced it with Linux Lite - after a few months of ubuntu dualboot), making things, hacking things and starting to dedicate my career to electrotechnic stuff. I have a RPi work-in-progress robot waiting to be finished and a brain waiting to be fully used. It already gave me lots of genuine ideas I have forgot. Buuuut more about those later!
I would love to see feedback from whoever is reading this about my soon-to-come posts! My dreams are to build a 3d printer/cnc/scanner and to be featured on hackaday.com. May the Force be with you, live long and prosper, may your swords be always sharp and sayonara.

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