čtvrtek 26. prosince 2013

Duino and stuff

Hello my dear friends!
Sorry for not posting for a while. I hope you had nice Christmas or whatever. I certainly did!
I got a Dremel 3000, an Arduino UNO clone, 2.4 GHz transciever pair and a peltier element!
These are just steps forward my tea-machine and a remote-controlled robot!
Also I got a PC from a friend for an equivalent of 10$. 512MB GPU, 2GB RAM. For. ten. Fuckin. Bucks. WHADDUUUP
Anyways, my plans for summer and spring are:
  1. Build dat aluminium furnace
  2. Make an Earl Grey with honey from balsa and with an AVR
  3. Make a beautiful wooden PC case because now it's missing a few walls (heh)
  4. Remote controlled robooot!
But now I gotta things to do and Londons to visit soooo
Happy New year, guys!

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