úterý 29. října 2013

Scoot scoot

Sooo... I found out that the robot I wrote about would be too expensive to print and it would take too long to print it. Since I live about 40 kilometers from Prague and I have to take the train, it just won't do. But on a czech online bazaar (at least I hope that's how you call it - at least Google does, something like craigslist) I found a E-Scooter for 700,- Kč (37,5$). It is a battery-powered scooter so weak even I can drive it (well, in about one month, the law says it's a 15+ thing). You don't need a licence, you don't need an identification plate. Slow but sweet stuff. The thing is I want to transform it into some kind of an electronic two-wheeled skateboard/longboard. I didn't find anything about this product, just pictures. Weird. The charger is missing, but I don't care. Either I can use a car battery one or I'll build one myself - I don't even know the type of batteries. I really hope the seller will answer me. The power of the motor is probably 250W, which is not that much (if I got it right it won't go over 25km/h=15,5mph), but that's okay, I don't want to fall off at high speeds. So, looking forward to more hax! Seeya.

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